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Twitter users change word usage according to conversation-partner social identity (2015), Tamburinni, N., Cinirrella, M., Jansen, V.A.A., Bryden, J. Social Networks 40, 84-89. (pdf)



Five challenges in evolution and infectious diseases. Metcalf, CJE, Birger, R, Funk, S, Kouyos, RD, Lloyd-Smith, JO, Jansen, VAA



Ebola: the power of behaviour change. S Funk, GM Knight, VAA Jansen. Nature 515 (7528), 492-49


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Protection Versus Pathology in Aviremic and High Viral Load HIV-2 Infection—The Pivotal Role of Immune Activation and T-cell Kinetics

 A Hegedus, S Nyamweya, Y Zhang, S Govind, R Aspinall, A Mashanova VAA Jansem, H Whittle, A Jaye, KL Flanagan, DC Macallan. Journal of Infectious Diseases (2014),  DOI: 10.1093/infdis/jiu165


Chronic sublethal stress causes bee colony failure (2013) Bryden, J. Gill, R. , Mitton, R.A.A., Raine, N. E., Jansen, V. A. A. Ecology Letters. doi:10.1111/ele.12188 [PDF]


Comparative genomics of Salmonella enterica serovars Derby and Mbandaka, two prevalent serovars associated with different livestock species in the UK (2013). Hayward, M.R., Jansen V.A.A and Woodward, M.J. BMC Genomics 14: 365 [PDF

Word usage mirrors community structure in the online social network Twitter (2013) Bryden, J., Funk, S. and Jansen, V.A.A. EPJ Data Science 2: 3 [PDF]

 Threats to an ecosystem service: pressures on pollinators (2013) Vanbergen, Adam J.; Baude, Mathilde; Biesmeijer, Jacobus C.; Britton, Nicholas F.; Brown, Mark J F; Brown, Mike; Bryden, John; Budge, Giles E.; Carvell, Claire; Challinor, Andrew J.; Connolly, Christopher N.; Evans, David J.; Feil, Edward J.; Garratt, Mike P.; Greco, Mark K.; Heard, Matthew S.; Jansen, Vincent A. A.; Keeling, Matt J.; Kunin, William E.; Marris, Gay C.; Memmott, Jane; Murray, James T.; Nicolson, Susan W.; Osborne, Juliet L.; Paxton, Robert J.; Pirk, Christian W. W.; Polce, Chiara; Potts, Simon G.; Priest, Nicholas K.; Raine, Nigel E.; Roberts, Stuart; Ryabov, Eugene V.; Shafir, Sharoni; Shirley, Mark D. F.; Simpson, Stephen J.; Stevenson, Philip C.; Stone, Graham N.; Termansen, Mette; Wright, Geraldine A.In: Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 11: 251–259 [PDF]

The Talk of the Town: Modelling the Spread of Information and Changes in Behaviour. Funk, S.  and Jansen, V.A.A. (2013) In: Modeling the Interplay Between Human Behavior and the Spread of Infectious Diseases. (P.Manfredi and A d'Onofrio, eds). Springer, pp 93-102 [PDF]


A generalized functional response for predators that switch between multiple prey species (2013) Van Leeuwen, E ; Brännström, A; Jansen, V A A; Dieckmann, U; Rossberg, A G. Journal of Theoretical Biology 328:89-98 (pdf)(preprint version with supplementary material)


Models in the management of animal diseases (Book review). Jansen VAA. Journal of Helminthology, 86: 386. (pdf)

 An evolutionary mechanism for diversity in siderophore-producing bacteria (2012) Lee, W., van Baalen, M., Jansen, VAA. Ecology Letters 15: 119–125 [PDF]

Comment on: “Lévy walks evolve through interaction between movement and environmental complexity” (2012) Jansen VAA, Mashanova A. and  Petrovskii, S. Science 335, 918 [PDF]. Supplementary material: [PDF]



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 Modelling the influence of human behaviour on the spread of infectious diseases: a review. Funk, S., Salathé, M. and Jansen, V.A.A. (2010) Journal of the Royal Society Interface

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[material from the thesis appeared in print in various publications (Experimental and Applied Acarology 14, 215-231, Oikos 74, 384-390, Oikos 74, 172-176 and Journal of Mathematical Biology 34, 195-224) some unpublished material is available for download here:  Chapter 6 and Chapter 7 ]




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